↳Simon Lewis rising - City of Glass

What’s happening? Clary thought, and then the ground buckled and heaved under her. She fell to her knees. The grave was roiling like the surface of an unsteady ocean. Ripples appeared in its surface. Suddenly it burst apart, clods of dirt flying. A small mountain of dirt, like an anthill, heaved itself upward. At the center of the mountain was a hand, fingers splayed, clawing at the dirt. ”Simon!” Clary tried to rush forward, but Raphael yanked her back. “Let me go!” She tried to pull herself free, but Raphael’s grip was like steel. “Can’t you see he needs our help?” “He should do this himself, ” Raphael said, without loosening his hold on her. “It is better that way.”



Nephilim Week [TID] Day 6: Favourite Family

The Fairchild family has lived in an array of places over the generations. In the 1800s, they ran the London Institute; Granville was the  first known Fairchild to lead the Institute, and, later, his daughter, Charlotte took over the post, before she ultimately went on to become the first female Consul.